The height of CAPITALISM and POWERLISM in Lagos State

by Egbeolowo Olaitan
My heart is filled up with lots of rigours. I'm beginning to wonder the sardonic and ridiculous state of my people (proletariats)

My people can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed. The government keeps deriving pleasure from the abysmal state of the working class.

The capitalists exploit poor workers, the church becomes an instrument of the oppressors, which systematically stops the poor masses from voicing out their state of minds.

The media becomes the bane of the masses, they get easily influenced by the government.

A Kingdom headed by Unarmed Robbers, the king and queen, in alliance with the Government, buy the future completely.

The future becomes a shadow of its former self, but somewhere, somehow, there is hope for a better future, through a revolution or intellectualism.

Who will now salvage us from this kingdom, that is full of oppression, molestation and victimization?

Hello Lagosians! I hope you are satisfied with the Government of "Ambodeism", and everything that is attach to it. Even if I repeat this introduction 10 times, the blind knows who would say yes while the deaf knows who would do otherwise.. I laugh in Chinese as the struggle between the proletariats and bourgeoisies continue to win every heart on a daily basis, and how the government has incapacitated the working class through the state Slogan "EKO ONI BAJE"(EKO ONI BAJE WHILE THE WORKING CLASS ARE LAMENTING ON A DAILY BASIS).

The " I Don't Care Attitude' Of Ambode In Otodo Gbame Community.

The word 'MEGACITY' is one of the lies that Lagos state government is using to incapacitate the working class on a daily basis, without any blink of hope that they would fulfill their dreams anytime soon. some People are homeless because of AMBODE MEGACITY, some PEOPLE ARE HOPELESS because of AMBODE MEGACITY, some people are dying because of AMBODE Megacity and many more. With this ineptitude and cruelty of Lagos state government, I am beginning to wonder if the word 'MEGACITY' means an act of displacing people(proletariats) from their various homes--- According to the State Government(Lagos). The truth of the matter is that, one day, the Sons of the oppressed would come out with cutlasses, guns against the oppressors, and pursue them till they axe them. That is the truth of where this country is going to.

How can people be displaced from their homes because the government wants to build (a) megacity.. This is inhumane, and a serious contravention of the Land use act which proclaims the fact that, the government should carry the occupants along in terms of land grabbing or land usage. Anything aside from this is inconsistent, and it is to that inconsistency Null and Void. 

Upon this Argle--Bargle, the Lagos state government has defended its decision to demolish some houses in Otodo Gbame, a riverine community in the lekki area of the state. 

However, Amnesty international had vehemently condemned the act, describing it as an abuse of human rights. The group also criticized the government for not obeying a court order which restrained the action. The most exasperating part of this issue is that, Ambode got more than 5000 votes in this community, and yet, this same Ambode is the culprit behind their predicament(s), the Architect of their misfortune(s) among others. 

The cost of living in Lagos is hard like coconut for the masses, they can't meet up to what I describe as "Lagos Standard Of Living", except the bourgeoisies or ruling minority. House rent in Lagos is like heaven on hell, and yet, the government is happy to have displaced some people without enough compensation, all in the name of "MEGACITY" or "MEGAFRAUD". 

In fact, I always ask myself if government is for the people or not. Not quite long, the Lagos state government introduced public utility levy. What is public utility levy if I may ask? the new move as one burden too many after paying for land use charge, LAWMA, PHCN, water bill, etc, what are the elites paying for in Lagos?” had we enjoyed all of these, it would have been better. Most of these things especially the power supply, we don't use it as expected. Yet, the people are still paying while some are homeless because they belong to the majority. If this is how people are been killed and homeless in advance country because of megacity, they would not have been where they are today.
Before I proceed, permit me to aggrandize this article with a laconic write up from a fellow Marxist.

#Say no to Neo Capitalism 
#Say no to Inhumanity

- Egbeolowo Olaitan is a prominent member of ANSA 
(Alliance Of Nigerian Students Against Neo Liberal Attacks)A Writer, Editor, Marxist and Orator
Email: Smartwayne645@gmail.com