Things You Shouldn’t Mention On The First Date

In most cases, men just don’t watch what they say on a date. Of course, you can talk about anything with your friends, but when chatting with a girl, you need to be careful. It should be remembered that the purpose of the date is to awaken the companion's interest in the conversation and, ultimately, to you. Here is a list of topics you should avoid on the first date.

10) Health problems 
Your health problems won’t interest a woman. Don’t think that you’ll win her heart by saying that you, for example, have chronic heartburn. This can only work with innocuous, problems, like an arm or leg fracture.

9) Technical terminology 
Women can’t stand incomprehensible words. If you use a lot of abstruse terms, she’ll think that you’re too busy with your work; otherwise, you’re trying to make a fool of her.

8) Ex-girlfriends Never mention your ex-girlfriends in conversation on the first date. It’s important for many reasons, for instance, because you can accidentally reveal your disadvantages. Don’t even start telling how you cheated on your ex or how annoying she was because she called you several times a day. On the first date, it’s necessary to build a basis for further relationships. A woman should think that you have cut all emotional ties with the past and move forward.

7) Sports 
Here is the axiom of the modern world: most women hate sports as much as men love it. Although it’s pretty understandable that you want to share your passion for football or hockey with her, perhaps she won’t show as much enthusiasm. And your knowledge of the results of all recent games will not make her think you smart.

6) Bad stories about traveling 
It should be a really exciting story; otherwise, it will be boring. The stories about how you missed the bus or how you got into the turbulence during the flight are not considered exciting. There is a high probability that after your story, she’ll start telling hers, and the evening will be spoiled. Thus, you’ll lose time and the opportunity to start a new relationship.

5) Everyday life 
There’s nothing interesting in most of what you did today, at least for a woman you are not familiar with yet. To make fun of everyday things, you need to know each other well. Also, too much discussion of TV programs, movies, etc., should also be avoided.

4) People she does not know 
You can ruin a date if you start talking about people your new companion doesn’t know. If it's someone you like, a friend or someone closer, she’ll either start judging you according to her opinion of the person you are telling her about, or she’ll start comparing herself to that person. If it's someone you don’t like, there’s a chance that you’ll come across as a fierce and nervous person. In other words, your bad side will become visible.

3) Cars Any five-year-old child will tell you: boys play with cars, girls play with dolls. Stories about the engines and the original designs of cars, which men find exciting, are annoying for women.

2) Too much love for pets Sure, puppies are a good topic for conversation, but only for neighbors walking their dogs. A woman doesn’t need to know what a lovely puppy your dog was. Owning a cute pet will not make you attractive. People who love their pets may just hide the fact that communicating with people is difficult to them. And you don’t want the girl to suspect anything like that, right?

1) Sex 
Talking about the best positions in s*x on the first date is like talking about your favorite cocktail at a job interview. Don’t rush things, or a girl may think that you are not serious, unsure of yourself, or even that you are a pervert. Don’t try to take the initiative and start a "mature" talk about s*x, because she is unlikely to take it seriously.

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