This Beautiful Lady Lost Her Life After Her Friend Dreamt Of Her Death (sad details)

While alive pray you don't realize yourself when it's too late, because that's what happens to many.

A Nigerian lady's death has left her friends speechless and heartbroken. Her name is , Onyinyechi Flourish Enyiazu, one of her friends on Facebook, John Kpoobari, revealed that he dreamt of her death after a surgery and told her about it.

Sadly, Onyinyechi lost her life after undergoing surgery...

Here's what one of her friends wrote about the dream;
"It's really unfortunate that the spiritual controls the physical. John Kpoobari Diidi had a revelation about Onyinyechi Flourish Enyiazu, he inboxed her and they had the conversations. Who would have thought the dream was going to be real? Yesterday she uploaded that she had a successful surgery and today she is no more, that revelation John had has come to pass
What a world! May her soul RIP! Amen!"


  1. God! you know best as to why this happened despite the revelation from a concerned and spiritual friend of hers..may her soul rest in peace

  2. Hmmmmmm how many people has come to the realisation that all these things that we are seeing now are the product of the unseen, the spiritual controls the physical. Oh God of creation teach us to number our day. RIP Mrs. Flourish

  3. Nigeria with quack doctors and equipments.

  4. Quite pity. May her soul rest in peace

  5. Grace boniface15 April, 2017 17:45

    Enter your comment... So sad. Rip

  6. May her soul rest in peace... Amen...


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