This Is The Simple Answer To Enjoy Marriage

Many of the 'relationship experts' out there teaches what they're struggling to practice in their own homes and not what nature and the word of God designed marriage to be.

If you go into marriage with the mentality of you and your husband are equal and you want to be competing for equal right, you might just be creating unhappiness for yourself.

Marry a man you love enough to be submissive to, ignore the acts some people are exhibiting on social media today. Your goal should be to have rest of mind and enjoy your marriage.

Some whites have taken equality to such ridiculous level that they now have OPEN MARRIAGE where husband is free to sleep with other women and wife is free to sleep with other men. After all "we are equal and anyone can do whatever he/she likes".

Don't allow yourself to be confused by free-thinkers. Live a decent life for your own good.


  1. God bless the writer of this piece.

  2. I love how you conclude it, don't allow yourself to be confused by free-thinkers. Live a decent life FOR YOUR OWN GOOD

  3. Also to avoid social media marriage(OLUFAMOUS et'al 2015). This is very to celebs

  4. It's men that are getting it all wrong. Bible says love your wife. Whatever you love, you cherish, but some men will divert the love meant for their wife for a mistress and still want their wife to appear humble and respectful to them. It doesn't work that way cos Amos 3:3 Says, "Can two work together except they agree" it takes two to tangle and respect begats respect.

  5. Mr olu are you redeemer? Bcouse this is what we learn in our Sunday school today in church

  6. Wise talk.

  7. well said sir..duely noted and i hope others will listen


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