'Toyo Baby' Of Jenifa's Diary Speaks On Alleged Fight With Funke Akindele

Olayode Juliana popularly known as Toyo Baby in Jenifa's Diary has reacted to the alleged beef the media says she has with Funke Akindele.

The gist, which went viral, claimed that the actresses had a disagreement that led to the departure of Toyo Boby on the comic series which gave her fame.

Speaking on the development, the lady says
she feels unhappy that some have insulted her for "biting the fingers that fed her" without hearing anything from her or even confirming the authenticity of the story.

“I will never unfollow Aunty Funke Akindele, my career is nothing without her, I hold her in high esteem and I will always talk about her” she explained.

On why she no longer appears on the series, Toyosi says that it is normal for characters to come and go in series, but that doesn’t mean my relationship with scene One Productions has ended.

She added, “And for those who have said bad things against me, I forgive you.”


  1. U pple should b matured enough. Jst find means of settlement

  2. That's why it's good to hear from both parties before passing judgement

  3. That okay. If she says she does not have any misunderstanding with Jenifer, who are we to say otherwise

  4. well spoken..she sees funke as a senior and role model so i knew she couldnt disrespect her the way it came out..all well and good we wish her the best in her future endeavours,i go miss u oo

  5. Oladimeji Seun24 April, 2017 19:43

    From what she just said means that at least there is some sence in what she said, which means that there is still rapour between the two.

  6. Pls u both should make peace


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