Trump to sell deadly fighter jet to Nigeria to end Boko Haram

The United States has agreed to sell high-tech aircraft to Nigeria to tackle Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East. US officials told AP that the Congress was expected to receive formal notification within weeks, setting in motion the deal with Nigeria.

They added that the arrangement would call for Nigeria purchasing up to 12 Embraer A-29 Super Tucano aircraft with sophisticated targeting gear.

The purchase will gulp about $600m, said the officials. They were, however, unauthorised to discuss the terms of the sale publicly and preferred anonymity on the diplomatic conversations.

The Defence Headquarters, Abuja, at a briefing last week, confirmed that the US was one of the countries that had agreed to help Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram.

The Director, Defence Information, Maj-Gen. John Enenche, said, “It is worthy of note that some countries such as Britain, USA and France among others provided one form of assistance to the military in our effort so far in the North-East. It is hoped that the collaboration would continue to ensure that this evil of terrorism is eliminated from Nigeria and equally degraded globally.”

Our correspondent learnt that although President Donald Trump had made clear his intention to approve the sale of the aircraft to Nigeria, the National Security Council would work on the issue. Military sales to other countries are also expected to be approved, but are caught up in an ongoing White House review.

The AP notes that Nigeria has been trying to buy the aircraft since 2015.

Trump in February called President Muhammadu Buhari on the telephone and assured him of his country’s readiness to cut a new deal in helping Nigeria to combat terrorism.


  1. Good development but pls what are the terms and conditions? we ought to know too

  2. I thought ibo said trump would gonna free their #kanu and the sad part is US will help pmb to fight against boko haram.. still more success to come.

  3. It's a welcome development

  4. thank God atlast..some easy tension atleast for the sake of those in the affected north east..thank you trump

  5. Nonsense, that is not what we need for now.

  6. If Nigeria really wants to buy deadly fighter jets then these ones are wack, I mean just too wack. This is by the way "a light fighter jet", it's not among the best light fighter jet cause that simply goes to Russia MIGs or the Super Su24, 27 etc. I feel someone is just lobbying for his self gains. Why can't Nigeria include in their deals technology transfer that way Nigeria in a short will be capable of designing and developing her own jet. This exactly what the Indians have done with all their military equipment purchase (transfer of technology) and now India have made solid achievement in this sphere.

    Drunk law makers, always thinking of their bottle of beer instead of being patriotic and see Nigeria become a regional power to be reckoned with.

    My piece.

  7. Oladimeji Seun11 April, 2017 12:15

    Welcome development.

  8. What a sad news we need not to depend on foreign equipment we need to produce our own.where is America when looking for chibok girls now we about end bh they trying to woo us.

  9. Atleast we are going somewhere.


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