UNIABUJA Gets Full Accreditation For 12 Courses

The University of Abuja has regained full accreditation for twelve courses, including Accounting, Business Administration, Arabic Studies, Christian Religious Studies, and English Language.

Director of Quality Assurance, National Universities Commission (NUC), N.B. Saliu, made this known on Monday.

Apart from the aforementioned courses, the other accredited courses are;
History, Diplomatic Studies, Islamic Studies, Linguistics, Philosophy, Theatre Arts, History Education and Social Studies Education.

The courses were assessed by the NUC during its accreditation visit to the university in 2016.

Ediga Agbo, spokesperson of the governing council of UNIABUJA, confirmed the development.

“The situation then looked so bleak that we wondered if there was a university. The Engineering students had been sent out to other universities and the medical students were on strike as they had spent 4 to 5 years without accreditation and the Council confronted these situations head-on.

“Today, the university has 53 programmes with 28 having full accreditation, 23 have interim accreditation and others have denials.”

Agbo said that UNIABUJA hopes to get 95 per cent of its courses approved by the NUC during the next accreditation in May.


  1. congrats to them..its about time again

  2. At last, change of status, from glorified secondary school to full Uni, kudos

  3. The worst university so far. Lecturer behaving like demi god, very arrogant and disrespectful. Non academic staff humiliating students along with lecturers. Signing of admission or course form takes months.submission of any material can keep students waiting for hours running into weeks. I regret ever going to that school.

  4. Oladimeji Seun11 April, 2017 21:48

    Good but they must treat their student well o.

  5. What of Law? Law was not accredited for years! What was accredited in the past compared to new accreditation?


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