UNILAG Reacts To Story of 13 Students Remanded in Prison

Here's an official press release sent to OluFamous.Com by UNILAG management:

The disciplinary action taken against a visually impaired student was in accordance with the Senate approved Social Misconduct and Penalties Regulation of the University. Let us assure you that the student in question was in no form victimised for his visual impairment.

A lot of brilliant, law abiding and serious students (either physically challenged or not) have passed through this citadel of learning since inception and most of them are making waves in their respective endeavours. We are proud of them.

DISCLAIMERThe Information Unit, University of Lagos, hereby states that the 13 students remanded by the court as reported by different newspaper tabloids and electronic publications to be UNILAG students are not students of the Institution. These “students” comprise of rusticated students and some students from an institution in Ogun State.

Let us emphasise here that the rusticated students are requested to apply for re-admission after serving their punishment. Until re-absorption, they are not considered bona fide students of the University.

Thank you.

Mr. Adebule Toyin
Deputy Registrar
Information Unit