UPDATE: Magu To Remain Acting Chairman Of EFCC

The presidency yesterday gave the clearest indication yet that it would not succumb to the Senate and remove Ibrahim Magu as chairman of the EFCC.

The Senate recently refused to screen presidential nominees for the position of resident electoral commissioners, saying it would not do so until Magu is removed as EFCC boss.

But speaking at an interview with journalists and activists on Tuesday night, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said Magu enjoys the confidence of he and the president.

His words; “I’m fully in support of Magu as the EFCC Chairman just as the president is...”

Speaking on Senate rejection, vice president said “it is up to the Senate to make their judgement. If our candidate is rejected,... we can represent our candidate.”

The Senate, while rejecting Magu the second time had said it would no longer consider him if his name is sent again by the president.

But Osinbajo gave the clearest indication yet that Magu may remain in acting capacity in EFCC for the duration of the Buhari administration.

I fully agree with Mr. Falana that there was no need in the first place to have presented Mr. Magu for confirmation,” he said making reference to the Section 171 of the constitution.

The Vice President said although  EFCC Act requires that an EFCC chairman be confirmed by the Senate, part of Section 171 of the constitution, which is superior to the act, does not mandate such Senate confirmation.


  1. good news..will the senate die now!!

  2. Yes of course...

    He is fit for the job...

  3. Good move corruption must be fought looters should not have breeding ground

  4. yes I stand with presidency on this

  5. We are with you, Nigerians are with you and Allah is with you all.

  6. Don't bite d finger that feed u.

  7. Oya magu put pepper for der eyes now,make Dem no see road steal our money,may God help u sir.

  8. Oladimeji Seun12 April, 2017 15:24

    That is good.

  9. Complimentary achievement>>>

  10. Ofcourse Mr President has already concluded before sending Magus name to Senate to fulfil all righteousness


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