Update on lady stranded in Lagos after Uber driver robbed her

The lady is from South Africa, her name is Mongy Mathobela. Someone said it's payback for their attacks on Nigerians. I don't think it's right. She has been able to contact the Uber driver who stole her money and he has dropped her passport for her somewhere, saying he needed the money to leave Nigerian and escape poverty. He said he would pay her back one day. Sigh!

Details as shared by the lady below...

"I'm a visitor in Nigeria. I went to the bank to withdraw money in Lekki, so he saw the money that I had it in my bag.

He left me stranded on the road luckily, I had my phone on me because I
wanted to buy something on the side of the road. I even bought him food and paid him more than what he was supposed to be paid and inside my bag it was my passport and money 500k naira and $2000. 
Please help me share this so that I can get my passport and go back to my country my flight is on Thursday I do not have a passport. Pls help."


  1. Wooooow I come dey feel for her she, Eko Ile ogbon

  2. Hassan Aderemi25 April, 2017 23:35

    The guy might still be poor after stolen of this lady's money, His only God that can make one rich not by illegal means.

  3. D guy funny attacking her bavk cuz of the xenophobic attacks against us doesnt make sense though it hurts..sorry dear nigerians aint dis way he is just one bad in many good nigerians..you can go home now and still believe we have good spirited nigerians

  4. So he must steal to travel out.

  5. Greediness his speaking. Am sure he can't succeed with the money because of his conscience.

  6. Grace Boniface26 April, 2017 07:04

    Eiya sorry dear. The Lord is your strength. U can't prosper with stolen things.

  7. Rich people should be careful with uber drivers o

  8. Greedy guy, God will surely expose him.

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