3 Types Of Hopeless Relationship

Many people, both women, and men dream of meeting their soul mates – a person who will be close to one’s liking and spirit. Therefore, thousands of new users are registered daily on the dating sites, and hundreds of single people go on a first date.

However, not every meeting is successful. Many people, unfortunately, instead of having a happy romantic relationship, get a "suitcase without a handle” – a hopeless relationship that will never grow into something bigger than a meaningless affair, increasing frustration.

If a person aims to find his soul mate and create a happy family, he needs to learn how to determine if there are any prospects at the first stages of romantic communication. Otherwise, he can lose months and even years of life trying to build relationship with the wrong person.

Despite the widespread opinion that it is impossible to get to know another person within a short time and another man's soul is always dark, everyone can determine whether it is possible to build a happy relationship and create a family with the person in the future. It is necessary only to look at the new acquaintance on the first dates and draw the right conclusions.

There are few basic types that can help recognize hopeless relationships.

1. Selfish brute. 
Excessive selfishness is incompatible with love. Undoubtedly, all people care primarily about their interests but if your new friend always puts his wishes above the wishes of others, it is unlikely that you can build a harmonious relationship with this person. You will always have to sacrifice your interests to please him.

Especially, if one of the partners allows himself evil jokes, shrill and offensive language, unreasonable criticism, mockery in relation to another person, this is indicative not only of the bad and capricious nature but also that again he puts himself above another one. Harmonious and happy relationships are impossible without mutual respect, so love and contempt, as well as excessive selfishness, are incompatible.

And if your new friend has directly said on the first date that he doesn’t seek to serious relations, it is better to believe him and look for another person to create a family. Otherwise, most likely, the relationship will consist of meetings for sex and will not have any prospects for further development.

2. Pathetic pessimist. 
A pessimist and an optimist will never be a harmonious couple. Everyone faces despondency and stress but if your new friend is always dissatisfied with everyone, he is inclined to criticize everything that happens around him and he only sees negative moments and considers himself deeply unhappy, while changing nothing in his life, you should better stop communicating with him. Negative minded people, as a rule, do not change their views of life but they can infect others with their pessimism – it's hard to enjoy life when there is someone who is chronically unhappy.

If one of the partners decides to be with another one only because of pity (it’s not important whether it is a man or a woman), such relationships are doomed to failure in advance. Pity over time kills sexual desire and rarely grows into love but often into irritation and anger.

3. Liar. 
If your new partner (or lover) is lying from the first minutes of your acquaintance, and you notice that he is telling lies even in small things, there is no sense to continue the relationship with this person. Trust is one of the key components of a happy relationship, and if one of the partners allows himself to lie to another one, then he either absolutely does not trust this person, or falsity is one of the main features of his character.

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