91yrs Old Queen Elizabeth Driving Herself In Her Jaguar

Queen Elizabeth spotted driving home in her Jaguar, from a Sunday morning service. She's 91? It goes to tell you how healthy she has lived. More pics...


  1. wow..mama is still good to go even at 91..how unique can iymt get

  2. God bless the queen, she's as fit as fiddle

  3. This woman look like those who exploited our resource during colonial administration in Africa, those that were called monkeys hav now something to admire from these thieving fools. Lols!

  4. waw!!!she is blessed. what a strong and healthy Queen @91. thats the handwork of God. i tap from this kind of health and life o, may God bless me and my family too with this kind of health in Jesus name o, Amen and Amen.


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