Amaechi: Jonathan released N34bn for dredging River Niger... Buhari will do it with N100m

Rotimi Amaechi, minister for transportation, says the administration of Goodluck Jonathan paid a contractor N34bn for the dredging of River Niger.

He said the Muhammadu Buhari administration will spend only N100m on same project.

According to The Nation, the minister made the disclosure on Thursday at a conference on ‘Fast-tracking Port Reforms’ hosted by the newspaper in collaboration with the ministry of transportation and Epsilon Limited.

The minister said the Jonathan administration had initially approved N47 billion for the project but N34 billion was released to the contractor.

He explained that the government would be able to dredge the river with N100 million using dredgers owned by the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) which he said were neglected by the previous administration.

“When the River Niger was first approved for dredging by the previous administration, it was approved for N47billion and N34billion was paid to the contractor. Dancers were called in and there was a party,” Amaechi said.

“We are not dredging the River Niger with billions of naira; we are dredging the River Niger with just N100m. When we flagged it off recently, did you see us dancing? Was there a party? I just went to see the governor and told him that the project will start today and will be finished in one month.

“The governor said he will accompany me, and I said ‘ok’. So, I asked the governor to flag it off since it’s located in his state. “People are wondering how on earth we are going to dredge the River Niger for N100m when the previous government awarded same contract for N47billion? But we are going to dredge the River Niger, using dredgers owned by the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA).

“NIWA has dredgers, but the previous government preferred to give contractors money to dredge the river with private dredgers while NIWA’s dredgers were lying idle somewhere in Port Harcourt.

“The NIWA MD told me the agency has dredgers, but it’s been hired out to somebody in Port Harcourt. So, we had dredgers, but the previous administration hired them out to some persons in Port Harcourt while paying a contractor billions of naira to use privately owned dredgers at a very high cost. I told the NIWA MD that I will look for money to fuel their dredgers, and work has started. That is why we are dredging the river Niger with just N100m.”


  1. What about the 38 billion released...

    Why dredging the river niger again...

    Is not same river and same country...

    Why not bring the contractors to finish up the job if not done satisfactorily...

    100 million mapped out to be squander on same project again...

  2. nice one. but you refused to tell us how much you used to sponsor APC presidential campaign. all politicians re the same

  3. Stop comparison between your administration with the past that was why you are voted.

  4. Jonathan the father Christmas, you really try

  5. haaaaa jonathan..34billion for same dredging of 100million..i cry for my country shaaa

  6. Onifade Joe, Ameachi succeeded in spinning his propaganda laced with ogbonge lies around you. oma se o! Two years after being on the saddle Ameachi and his group of jesters are still campaigning because they have no dividends of democracy to showcase. Oh, what a nation.

  7. Oladimeji S.05 May, 2017 19:32

    The man waisted our money no be small.

  8. Amaechi stop this critics it will help matters, your government has noting to offer us.

  9. he failed to tell us what happened to the first 38billion or if he is completing the old project or starting a new one

  10. Parrot, he talks to much.

  11. Please Amaechi should stop making lots of noise until the project is done, not celebrating on Work In Progress. Serious people don't make noise


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