Another BabyMama Cries Out; Says Her Boyfriend Has Been Abusing Her

Most people have issues to contend with but it is how you manage yours that get to set you apart from the crowd. There are better ways, but they take time and people are often impatient.

Another Nigerian lady, Tosyn took to her page to call out her baby daddy who has been beating her for years. She said he abused her again on 8th of May and even took their son away.

Read her story and see photos of her battered face...

"It breaks my heart that I have to do this. This pictures are different abuses, different occasions. My family never knew about the abuse because my ex would portray me as the best thing on the planet that happened to him, that he loved and adored me and we had a perfect family – so that’s what everybody thought. I was also quite outspoken so people thought if something was wrong, I would speak up. 
We were not married for about 3years. The abuse really started after I had my child, and it just escalated from there and got worse. 
I had no idea I had the option of leaving cos of the child bound. Tho he was not feeding me cos I am a hardworking lady and paying the bills was not d problem, I was very supportive. Left him December and I went with d child, he begged me and I pitied him so the child started staying wt him February. 
I started going to see him weekly. Till 8th of may when I went there and he abused me again and dint let me see my child. @hammid_ Pls I want my son with me asap. @mrsyisa Please talk to ur bro, I think I have been patient enof. 
THIS IS MY STORY #saynotodomesticviolence" 

And here is the said boyfriend.