Area Commanders, DPOs On Criminals Payroll – Lagos CP

Lagos State Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni has warned Area Commanders and Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) in the state police command to shun bribery or leave the state, saying that some of them are on the payroll of fraudsters.
“It is embarrassing to see policemen collecting bribes and chasing yahoo yahoo boys for a DPO. I would not cover any DPO. I will expose you. Just leave Lagos before I get to your station. I cannot share out of your misconduct. I will give your photographs and details to journalists to expose you.”

Owoseni stated this during a lecture on Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officers at the Police Officers’ Wives’ Association (POWA) Hall, Ikeja.

He warned that the era of impunity and corruption among cops was gone, appealing to his subordinates to come for transfer if they would not want to play by the rules in the state.

He said: “I am tired of hearing about shooting or killing of innocent persons. No one has the right to take another man’s life. It is only God that has the right to take life.

“It is your responsibility as a DPO to know those who are collecting bribe under you. If you refuse to stop them, they will stop you from being a DPO."

He added that: “I am shocked to hear that some Area Commanders and DPOs are on the pay rolls of fraudsters. I am investigating. Just pray that I don’t get you. Just know that you are causing pains for taxpayers if you are intimidating them and collecting bribe from criminals.

“It is a curse to build a house with the money. The building would collapse on your head. Some of you even take people to the bank to collect money. If you train your children with the money, they won’t be useful to you.

“If those who were in the force before us bastardized it, we would not have the opportunity to be enlisted in the police. I am tired of pleading with police victims because you are doing what you are not supposed to do. Remember, one day, you are going to die and give account to your creator.”

CP Owoseni asked the DPOs and Area Commanders to go back to their areas of jurisdiction and warn their men against brutality, indiscriminate use of handcuffs on pregnant women, elders and persons with disability.

“Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) should take note. I will not tolerate any act of indiscipline. Learn a lesson from DPO Ijeshatedo, who shot dead a fashion designer. He is in our custody and we are compiling charges against him. He would soon be arraigned in court.

“All DPOs in Ikorodu should use all resources within their disposals to fish out Badoo cult group that has been causing havoc in the community. I am giving you all 48 hours to decongest your cells. Nobody should be detained more than 48 hours. I will conduct checks on the cells,” he stated.


  1. Good move. It is about high time

  2. Come to my area Mr. Fatai Owoseni and catch them. From Jakande Estate Oke-Afa to Bucknor, to Isheri-Oshun, to Ijegun you will see your men stopping commercial vehicles and collecting bribes from them - N20, N50 etc. around evening time [From 8pm]

    Why won't they be on criminals payroll when they mount illegal roadblocks just to collect money from taxpayers?

    It is absurd that a law enforcer and protector of civil rights is a tool for miscreants. We have not heard anything about the armourer that sold ammunition to armed robbers in Ikorodu.

  3. i love this man,tell them because the nightmare caused by these officers are just too much,let those who have ears use it well

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  5. Mehen... Will need more of you in police that will flutch the bad eggs. These are very common everywhere.criminals paying police to arrest innocents. God will sure judge them.

  6. I'm so happy with this development,our police need constant checking on. I'm sure they can be better.

  7. Oladimeji S.25 May, 2017 14:12

    Very good, the commissioner should stand by his words and take action on it.

  8. Since I was born and with the possession of my faculty and With a sound mind this CP is just what Nigeria Needs. He's a patriot a Man of character and assertion. I am proud having this earthling over Lagos State. I pray God gives him Sparkling Health and Longevity He's my Hero, we need to do a documentary about him and send for CNN Heroes award program. Thank You Sir may God bless you

  9. God bless you sir, well said, I pray for you to be able to take the police force to a enviable height

  10. poormandesofa25 May, 2017 16:38

    this CP should be warming up for IGP.his track records seems intimidating. the same CP who donated money to a nursing mother who was hounded into the cell for stealing peanut.

  11. Sir with all due respect,God will elevate you to the position of IG

  12. What then do we call this, they should be sent out


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