Armed Militants Kill Police Sergeant, Loot Armoury In Ogun

Suspected militants have attacked the headquarters of Marine Police in Iwopin, in Ogun Waterside Local Government Area of Ogun State, killing a sergeant and injuring at least two others.

The assailants looted the police armoury, and carted away weapons, including a speedboat.

It was learnt that the deceased cop, Sergeant Segun Akinola, and his colleagues were on duty around 8.45pm on Thursday when the gunmen struck.

A source in the area told Punch that the policemen, who were ill-equipped, were caught unawares.

He said, “Around 8.45pm, the militants entered the community through the waterways. They got down from their boats and started shooting indiscriminately.

“When they got to the Marine Police Station, they shot the Sergeant dead. They wounded two others before entering into their armoury and carting away weapons, including a speedboat.

“They left after the operation which lasted about one and a half hours in the place. They didn’t have any disturbance or confrontation throughout the period. They later escaped through the waterways.”

A community leader, who did not want to be identified, said the attack was a reprisal for the arrest and killing of a militant.

It was reported about two weeks ago that the gunmen raided the home of a businessman in the community and carted away huge sums of money and other property.

After the operation, their vehicle was said to have broken down after which they were stranded.

While looking for an escape route, the militants shot dead three members of the community.

Residents tracked the owner of the broken down vehicle, who drove the assailants that night. The suspect, an Ijaw youth, was reportedly mobbed before he was handed over to the police.

The source said, “The information was that the suspect later died and that angered the militants, which was the reason for this attack.

“The problem is that those policemen are ill-equipped and the place is unfit to be a police post or station, let alone the headquarters of the Marine Police in Ogun State. The militants caught them unawares. They did this to instill fear into the people.”

Spokesperson for the police in Ogun State, Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the incident.

He said, “They attacked the marine station at Iwopin. The commissioner of police visited the place on Friday to assess the situation and see things for himself. He was there with the deputy commissioner of operations to reinforce security. Special units have been deployed in the area to provide security for lives and property.”


  1. Such a pity. People who are supposed to defend their citizens cannot even defend themselves

  2. these millitants are something else,they freed there own people to go terrorise others..killing as if its breathing,IGP and the army please show them that they cant be bigger than the security agencies.the killings are too much

  3. How daring of them, the boldness these men exhibit surprises me, anyway God will see us through

  4. I doubt that the station is poorly funded as testified by the witness, else rubbers will not come there to equip themselves with the police weapons, including a speedboat.

  5. Oladimeji S.07 May, 2017 17:45

    Na waa o. this millitancy issue is getting out of hand this days o. the police need to equip their members and their stations.

  6. These militants dem get liver die o!...


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