Baby Mama Trend: Singer K1 Says "we need to teach about family values"

Fuji musician King Wasiu Ayinde, aka K1, has added his voice to those cautioning against the ugly trend of Baby Mamas, which is becoming rampant in the society. He said;
"The truth is the Baby-mama trend is not peculiar to entertainment alone, it's a general issue and the best we can do is a lot of education to let young minds understand the importance of family values.
What keeps me going is the fact that I always remember my great family values, how my parents raised me and always did things together. 
We can't force these things on people, we can only talk them into understanding how beautiful it is and how we can tolerate one another and also make them see reasons why it is important. I believe with time, it will happen."


  1. Well said, lack of morals and valued are responsible for the social decadence we are seeing in the society

  2. Thank you sir....they just are just painting forunication another name...the products of such Unions are nothing but bastards.They must one day cause threats to the societal peace.

  3. Oladimeji S.11 May, 2017 08:44

    What is the meaning of having baby mama around, our people need to be educated on how to build family and keep it save.

  4. It's truth is the Baby-mama trend is not peculiar to entertainment alone but it's more in the entertainment industry.

  5. Hassan Aderemi11 May, 2017 16:20

    Baby mama will realise or regret later in life the family values.

  6. Hope dey take heed..


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