Badoo Gang Killing Families In Lagos Arrested & Brutalized (Photos & Video)

At last, members of the heartless Baddo Gang terrorising the Ikorodu area of Lahos were nabbed on Friday after they executed another family of 4 at Oke Igbodo area of Ikorodu. Angry residents of the area pounced on them and battered them seriously. More photos and video...


  1. Dats a nice one,dis people dont ve conscience at all,killing families,what for,dont even waste kerosene n matches on dem,pound dem like yam,nonsence full,many days for d thiefe one day for d owner,dere tym is up,dan buro uba.dieeeeeeee.

  2. Replies
    1. If it was ur family dat was murdered, am sure u Ll Ve a different opinion by now.mtcheeeew

  3. just like this post.Kudos to the villagers

  4. Hassan Aderemi12 May, 2017 19:25

    Very wicked human being, it serves them right.

  5. I have a slightly different view to it, their death for taking another's life...I don't want to question, but ...I usually ask what level of investigation is carried out before such jungle justice...sometimes, innocent victims are caught up in such...

  6. No be small brutality be thatt...

  7. They are not from the so called badoo group. They actually set them up...the police are on the case already. RIP TO THEM


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