Beautiful Nigerian Lady Who's A Prostitute In Dubai Jumps To Her Death During Police Raid

A young lady who left Nigeria to Dubai doing "runs", has reportedly lost her life after she jumped from a four-storey building to avoid being arrested by the UAE police.

According to a Nigerian who lives and work in Dubai who sent the story to Pulse, the lady who was only known as Sophia, is said to be from Edo State and with other ladies, had been selling herself for money in that country.

Below is the story as sent by another Nigerian...

"To who it may concern, I am a Nigerian living and working in Dubai. I have to share this story on Pulse in case anyone knows this lady. There is this lady called Sophia but no one knows her real name or her surname.

She works as a prostitute here in Dubai and does not have any papers. She lived in Al-Baraha area in Deira, Dubai. No one knows her details though she told people she is from Edo State but we do not know her real hometown or her family members.

She and other ladies are into prostitution and they live together. One day, the police went to the apartment to arrest them and instead of waiting for the police, Sophia jumped through the window from the 4th floor and died instantly.

Her remains have been deposited at the mortuary. So if anyone you can do something to make her family and friends knows about this, we will appreciate it."


  1. Ashawo no be work ooo! For those that are still thinking of joining this trade should think twice. The end is always tragic

  2. her own cup of tea..whats wiser than coming home and starting afresh with something new

  3. Edo swagger na secret name for bed skills?

  4. What a way to die, RIP to her

  5. Good looking girl like you just wasted your precious life for money. So sad

  6. How on earth does she think she can avoid being arrested by jumping from a four-storey building. She never thought of breaking her legs if not dead. May her soul rest in peace


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