Buhari Favouring Yorubas, Done Nothing For The North – Junaid Muhammed

Second republic lawmaker Dr Junaid Mohammed has claimed that President Muhammdau Buhari has been busy favouring the Yorubas of the South West.

He said the President has not done a single road in the north, claiming that was how ex-President Goodluck Jonathan abandoned the South-south during his 6 years in office.

Junaid said this while assessing Buhari’s two years in office as Nigeria’s President.

He said the president failed woefully in shoring up the economy while wasting more time in criticising the Jonathan administration.

He scored Buhari 60 in the fight against insurgents and 50 in war against corruption in the country, while complaining that a lot of money had been stolen under the guise of fighting terrorism and rehabilitation of the victims of the war.

Junaid asked President Buhari to name one road or project he had completed in the north since coming into power.

“Today, it is the South-West that is enjoying the Buhari administration in terms of key appointments and development projects like roads.

“He has short-changed the north. He has not done even a single road so far in the north. Buhari’s idea of project implementation is skewed in favour of the South West. 

"This is the same thing that Jonathan did for other parts of the country excluding the South South where he comes from.

“I believe that he has done reasonably well but he had a lot of work to do if he must meet the basic needs and expectations of Nigerians.

“Nigeria needs a strong leader who practises what he says. Buhari is generally sick and this limitation has really hindered his performance.

“He has disconnected from his party leadership, the APC, and he has problems with the legislature and the judiciary.

“We really have no basis to celebrate May 29 since it was set up by the military.

“We have acted and behaved more as despotic nation and have not met the basic tenets of democracy and for me, there is nothing to celebrate”‎, he said.


  1. Foolish statement. I blame Jonathan not u

  2. interms of projects you might be right but that of appointments you are dead wrong because operation hausa is all over the government which is making some people believe the nation is in hausa pocket.well there is still time i believe he will do more

  3. The acting president is working on characters and deductions and trust and not tribalism Buhari has given the guidelines.

  4. Who be this winch again? noise maker

  5. If Junaid said all those things, somebody needs to talk senses to his head.

  6. Key positions are given to Yorubas won't you fear God even in Ramadan. Besides the fight against terrorism in the North can be compared to any other things done to anywhere. You just stop rating.

  7. Oladimeji S.28 May, 2017 12:29

    I disagree with you sir, people with diffrient view.

  8. They will always have something to say

  9. Mentally unstable Junaid again?
    Finds nothing good about anybody or any achievements except for the mess that he (Junaid) dishes out.

  10. Are you saying there is nothing to celebrate despite what God has done for us?
    Chei, Nigerians need re-orientation.


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