Buhari Not Being Fed With A Tube – Lai Mohammed trashes speculations

No doubt that our dear President is sick and the fact that he hasn't attended FEC meetings for weeks and counting have sparked speculations that he is so sick that he can't feed himself anymore.

Information Minister, Lai Mohammed has refuted claims in some quarters that President Buhari's health has deteriorate so bad that he is now being fed with a tube. 

According to Lai Mohammed, that assumption is absolute bunkum and there is no truth to it. He said this when asked by a state house correspondents if this speculation was true.

“The answer to your first question is absolute bunkum. It is absolutely untrue that he is being fed. He was in the office yesterday as you all reported. And if the doctors say he should take a rest, because they think he’ll recover faster, then he ought to rest rather than forcing himself to work when he is not fit to work. All he’s doing is following the doctor’s advice. 

"Mr. President himself told the nation he had never been this sick and he is going to take it easy. He said it from day one when he came back from the United Kingdom. So, whatever is happening today is not any strange development. It is exactly what he said: that he’s been advised to take it easy by his doctors and that he will soon also go back for further treatment. So, I don’t think it’s anything that is out of the place from what he said. He has been quite transparent and upfront in the matter concerning his health," the minister said.


  1. when will the cabal deem it fit announce it to nigerians who voted him into power to tell us the true nature of his sickness..buhari is ruling us not a few people so we the people should know the true nature of things cuz he is accountable to us

  2. Liar Mohammed I knew you will refute the claims that pmb is been fed with fitting bottle, lol. Is alright, you will still cover your master. Liar Mohammed fly buhari abroad for proper treatment ooooooh. You cabals want to kill this man.

  3. Rumor peddlers, una try but will not succeed

  4. Then let's see d President

  5. When the president is sick , why won't all the aspect of his government be sick.

    Just view a whole Nigerian immigration service review:


  6. We are sick and tired of hearing from third party instead of Mr President himself

  7. Even the name lai sounds like lie...


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