Emir Sanusi In Trouble? May Be Deposed By Government

The Emir of Kano and former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Muhammadu Sanusi II, is in trouble and may be deposed anytime from now by the state government.

To actualize the plan, the Kano State House of Assembly has launched an investigation against him over alleged abuse of office and improper conduct.

The emirate council is already being investigated by the state anti-corruption agency over allegation of financial fraud running into billions of naira.

The House on Wednesday constituted an 8-man committee to investigate eight offences allegedly committed by Emir Sanusi.

The committee was constituted following a motion by a memeber, Alhaji Ibrahim Ahmad Gama.

The 8-man committee was headed by a member representing Warawa, Alhaji Labaran Abdul.

The allegations are: 
Accusing the state governor, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and the state legislators of mismanaging state resources while on an official visit to China.

*Making remarks in Kaduna on the proposed Kano light rail project which had tarnished his (Gama) image, the government and the assembly as well.

*Allegation by the emir that the state governor and his entourage wasted one month in China seeking for loan to construct the light rail in the state.

On this Gama said “First of all, we did not spend one month in China. We only spent four days and our mission was to find out the capability of the company to handle the rail project but not to secure any loan as alleged by the emir.”

He added that the emir’s allegation had caused serious embarrassment to him (the lawmaker), the state government and the House of Assembly within and outside the state.

Other allegations levelled against Sanusi include: 
* Intentionally attacking President Muhammadu Buhari whenever he got an opportunity to speak at a public gathering. He said this had contravened the culture of traditional institution.

*Embezzlement of funds belonging to the emirate council.
"Tarnishing the image of the emirate by assigning his daughter to represent him at a public function, introducing strange religious issues and involvement in politics.

“Downgrading the honour of the Kano emirate council by assigning his daughter to represent him at a function organised by the #BringBackourGirls# group in Abuja, saying it was against the emirate’s tradition.

On this he said: “There are many responsible members of Kano emirate council members that can represent the emir at the event instead of his daughter. This is the first time we are witnessing this kind of representation in the history of Kano emirate council.

“The mode of dressing of the Emir’s daughter at the event was an embarrassment not only to the emirate council but the entire people of Kano,” he lamented.


  1. The north will always be backward

  2. Why did they want to bring down Sanusi Lamido and crucify him just for being honest and calling a spade a spade? In vain is their plots. They will never succeed.

  3. Oladimeji S.11 May, 2017 09:14

    The evel men do will always run after them.

  4. That serves him right, now its time to defend urself. Big thief

  5. Their case, their problem, cabal everywhere

  6. All dis allegation levelled against 1 pason.Der must b smtg beyond dis indictment

  7. Proper investigation should be carried out and if found wanting, should be prosecuted

  8. I suppose this Emir is too sophisticated for the bunch of Kano politicians, just go ahead and replace him with a semi literate yes sayer one.

    1. After all he is not the true heir to the throne they placed him there to cover up is dirty deals so that Jonathan's administration will not be able to have him probed like I said earlier if you must fight the Government then you must have cleans hands ..

  9. I see this as witch-hunting him...

  10. Your own family issues solve it amicably

  11. They will succeed against the Emir let us be honest with ourselves if you must go to equity then you must go with clean hands and if you must oppose the Government make sure you don't have your hands in dirty deals..

  12. they simply hate a man who speaks the truth and gives his people a new insight on the ways things should be done and how things should change..if the y like they fight to dethrone you but nigerians have heard you nd surely posterity will always remember you for good

  13. Hassan Aderemi11 May, 2017 15:46

    Trust Emir Sanusi, he must come out with his own defence & rebuttal.

  14. All the tribe in nigeria has their own way of ruling,and for every action taking has its own corresponding responsibility within the emirate council this man keeping thinking most of the northerners don't know what they are doing he might b ryt but. To some extend is very wrong and they all help him when he was been hunted by the former administration but now he is the going against their traditional jurisdiction

  15. Where ever he belong na crisis upon crisis. Look for his history. Childhood, . Schooling, Work Place and everywhere.

  16. Something smells fishy here


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