Female SS2 Student Finds Purse Filled With Cash... and this happened

A great event happened on May 16th, in Remo Land specifically in Sagamu, Ogun state when Miss Samson Omolabake, sixteen years of age, a student of Muslim High School SS2 (Art) located at Lateefat Ogunkoya Avenue, Sabo was on her way home after the close of the school.

She saw a purse filled with money and ATM cards on the road at the ever busy road in Isale Oko around 2:25pm.

She picked it, opened the purse and saw there was money and ATM cards inside the purse. 

She discovered that the ATM is for First City Monument Bank (FCMB). She took the purse back immediately to the branch of the Bank which is at Akarigbo Road after First Bank Plc Sagamu.

When she got there, she told them what happened and requested that they should help her to trace the owner of the purse and should please call her so that she can hand over the purse over to the owner in person. The management did as she requested and called the owner to come over to the banking hall. The owner of the purse, Mrs Awofeso was shocked to hear what happened, she checked her money and confirmed that Eighteen thousand Naira inside the purse was intact and all her documents were intact.
This prompted the FCMB Branch Manager, Mr Omotara to write a letter of commendation on behalf of the Bank and brought it to her school on May 17th,2017.

When the school Principal was contacted, Mr Oyenuga David, to ask him about who the student is in school, he said that, she is an indigent student but highly responsible. 

Mrs Yetunde Sodiya Isikalu the Vice Principal Academics stated that, Samson Omolabake is always neat and she has never be reported for any misbehaviour acts. Her Class Teacher, Mrs Ajilore said she is a responsible girl and ever ready to learn.

- Agbesanwa Felix Oluwaseun


  1. That is a very good step from a kid...

  2. am touched! your life has been blessed directly from heaven for this singualar act of yours..all those elders involved should reward her oo

  3. we pray and hope all our youth/teenagers are upright in character like this student.
    Thump up Omolabake!

  4. Beta pikin..

  5. Hassan Aderemi18 May, 2017 18:55

    Keep it up Omolabake, God in His infinite mercy will bless you.

  6. Keep it up. Wish you all the best

  7. Oladimeji S.18 May, 2017 19:43

    Good girl.

  8. By way of encouragement , both the owner of the purse and the bank should offer her some scholarship .

  9. Wow that's a good girl from a good home

  10. Good girl we pray for more of you in our country.


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