Female Student Of Uni Ibadan Who Jumped To Her Death Received A Strange Call?

The University of Ibadan has released a statement on the shocking death of Miss Deborah Effiong Imabong, who until her death was a 100-level student of the Faculty of Law in the school.

The death of Imabong has continued to generate dust over the shocking nature it happened. 
She was said to have committed suicide on Wednesday at Queen Elizabeth II Hall where a wild party was supposedly held.

According to the Director of Public Communications, Olatunji Oladejo, UI, Imabong's colleagues reported that she was seen at the hall cafeteria, the venue of the movie show at about 8.40pm.

He said, “she received a telephone call from a fellow; she left the venue of the movie show to meet the caller. The fellow had been identified after her death by the Campus Security Service.”

Oladejo said Imarbong became hyperactive and developed strange attitude after returning to the hall and left the venue after a wild dance.

“It was further revealed that she left the venue of the movie show and, thereafter, there was a bang, which her colleagues explained, she jumped from a dangerous position in the Hall. She was later found by her colleagues in a seemingly helpless condition in the precinct of the hall,” he said.

The young lady was rushed to the University of Ibadan Teaching Hospital, where she died.