Female University Student Beaten Up For Slapping A Guy

A 400 level student of Kwara University, Mariam, cried out that she suffered assault in the hands a guy identified as Omobolaji Ogundepo, aka Bolojay, who is also a final year student in the same University. She said that she didn't do anything, the guy just beat her up.

She also claimed that she reported to the school management and nothing was done about it.

But another student of the university has given his own side of the story. He wrote...
 Latopeal: "Am also a 400 level student at kwara state university (kwasu)... This Mariam in question slapped the guy twice at stomach care before the guy retaliate and when d case was taken to school authority she claimed her glass and the money for treatment is 18 thousand which was collected from the guy in question and was given to her by the school authority... 
The question I also want to ask her is that why did she use hijab to snap the picture instead of her normal identity and she want to spoil the school reputation claiming the case wasn't attended to."
This looks like school quarrels where everyone wants to claim right. Try avoid getting physical.


  1. she will surely remember the punch

    comment from Azeez blog

  2. She wore hijab as a pretence mean while the other pics identified her true character. For the fact that you first attacked him, The law here by confirmed you guilty.

  3. She wanted to use the opium of the masses(religion) and get the populace intosticated.

  4. it seems the girl is guilty.

  5. I here by sentence the both of them 3 months imprisonment for slapping each other unethically.

  6. He should have reported her to the authorities earlier than hitting her. It's very bad of a man to hit a woman.

  7. She is stupid is good for her my be because of another woman she do this to him I like that she don’t have good attitude

  8. Unethical...in other universities two them may be withdraw for violation of the law no fighting in schools.


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