Governor Wike To Honour Rotimi Amaechi With An Award

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has listed his arch-rival, Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, among several persons to be honoured by the state.

Prospective honourees will be honoured for their individual contributions to the development of Rivers State.

A list of honourees prepared by the Jubilee Anniversary Committee set up by Mr. Wike had Mr. Amaechi’s name at number 18 amongst 29 people to be awarded Grand Service Star of Rivers State.

Former Nigerian leaders Goodluck Jonathan and Yakubu Gowon are also on the list, alongside late activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa, who would be honoured posthumously.

Mr. Amaechi served as governor of Rivers State from 2007 to 2015. Mr. Wike succeeded him.

The awards ceremony is slated to hold on May 27 in Port Harcourt, the state capital, according to the program pamphlet.

It was not immediately clear if the minister would accept the honour or personally show up to receive his medal from Wike, with whom he’d been locked in a political contest for more than three years.

Amaechi’s spokesperson, David Iyofor, said he was not aware of his principal being identified amongst those to be honoured.

Although Wike once served as Amaechi’s chief of staff during the former’s first term from 2007 to 2011, the duo soon fell out with each other shortly after Wike was appointed as Minister of State for Education by former President Jonathan.

Wike was scheming to succeed Amaechi in office, but the then governor had a different plan.

The disagreement soon snowballed into an all-out political chaos between the duo.

When a friction ensued between Amaechi and former First Lady Patience Jonathan, Wike took sides with Mama Peace.

The award comes even as Wike appears to intensify attacks against Amaechi.


  1. Have they settled their differences

  2. Good move, we are watching

  3. That's maturity, he deserves it.

  4. So that is the outcome of Jonathan's visit to the rivers state House, style - style peace talk. anyway, it's all good

  5. No permanent political enermy

  6. goodnews for once..after the award the fight can continue..lols,i hope wike will not remove the name oo

  7. Na dem sabi..

  8. Oladimeji S.24 May, 2017 19:53

    The political saga in C/river is an intresting issue. tomorrow is another dramer.

  9. If Amaechi takes the award then Wike would succeed to finish him off for good. Amaechi should be very careful because the award may be a dangerous device... Be aware of your enemies! If fake robbers rob nko! Amaechi's wife should protect her hubby! Let Wike eat his award; medicine after death award? With all the cruelty and character assassination?

  10. Hmmm...

    Hope this ain't a dubious scheme ...


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