Happy Democracy Day Nigerians

No matter the situation of things today, with the right leadership and support from all Nigerians, we shall make our nation great and attain enviable heights as a people.
In the words of Acting President Yemi Osinbajo: "Nigeria is on a journey of greatness and together we shall arrive at a country of our dreams".
Happy Democracy Day, fellow Nigerians!


  1. what is happy demo here in Nig,when fuel is sold for ==150naira,a robber of garri dat ws sold 4 ==300 naira is now ==1,200 naira or rice which ws sold for ==8500 now sold for 19,000.Nig where is d happy demo now when mhnimum wage is just a bag of rice amountin.naija let put setiment aside becos l dnt care who is d presido but all l want good naija,,,,l am 17yr in service(uniform) my salary is 49,000 which is puttin together, includes:lodgin accomodation,touch light,uniforms,transportations allawance etc.When l try to channel the money on only feedin it did not cover,look @ d chart; let us say mysef,wife & 4 children manage 400 daily 400 multiply by 6=72,000 .Besides i hav never had it tough like this very adm.Before i can proudly feed my family but now water don pass garri

  2. Nigeria will be great again

  3. Oladimeji S.29 May, 2017 12:00

    OK o, happy celebration.

  4. Happy democracy day..


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