Here's why some Nigerians like showing off on Social Media

This is the age of social media. They don’t need to carry it around, they only need to upload pics of what they’ve got or what they stole from people's page on social media and you hail them.

As shared by hovabuzz, here are five reasons why some show off so much on social media.

To intimidate and oppress other people: 
Many like to prove that they e are better than others. They show off on social media most times, using what we’ve got to intimidate other people, and be seen as successful.

For Acceptance: Some feel that in order to be accepted by the society or people, they need to prove their achievements, show that they are progressing. So when people see that they are making it, they would accept and focus their attention on them.

Pressure: Your mates are doing well updating on the new houses, cars and accessories they’ve got. If you don't know yourself, you will put yourself under pressure to get something to show off too.

To encourage other people: I love this reason so much. They genuinely tell their testimonies to encourage other people, motivate them to work hard. When we see other people who have done it, we are encouraged to do better.

Enemies/Haters: Some have created their own enemies in their heads by themselves. I read some posts where some show off their new acquisition, they keep on mentioning “haters”. My dear, if you are really concentrating on your business, you won’t have time for haters. Those you call haters are busy with their own lives, be real to yourself.


  1. Grace Boniface01 May, 2017 16:30

    Na them sabi ooo...

  2. It's not wise of people that showoff on social media.

  3. They want to place themselves high in the society

  4. Who fake life epp?..

  5. for inferiority complex

  6. so true..the different reasons for uploading on social media this days

  7. The people that are showing off simply lack maturity,

  8. Oladimeji S.01 May, 2017 19:35

    Well, nice comment.

  9. Hassan Aderemi01 May, 2017 20:50

    Empty barrel makes a loudest noise.


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