House Of Couple Who Are Into Kidnapping Destroyed By Youths In Imo State

There was panic in Umuahara Elelem, Ngor Okpala LGA of Imo State recently when youths of the community reduced to rubble the house of Mr and Mrs Udo Okere, self confessed serial kidnappers.

According to reports, the couple's cup got full on April 8 2017 after they kidnapped a little girl named Uloma Iheakaram from their village Umuahara during a burial ceremony.

The lid on the crime was blown few days after it was committed, with villagers handing down a week ultimatum within which to return little Uloma or have their house brought down.

They failed and angry youths of Elelem made true their vow. Police sources however assured that the little girl will soon be freed having located her whereabouts.


  1. indeed the youths have spoken..good one

  2. Oladimeji S.22 May, 2017 08:28

    That is good treatment to bad people.

  3. Good one, if we can report or clamp down on criminal element in our society, the world would be a better place

  4. The house should be bulldozed and the land taken by the government.

  5. They should burn them alive

  6. But it still didn't bring the girl back, intact the youth have put the girls life in danger cos now the kidnapper's will want revenge.


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