Husband catches friend pants down with his wife (VIDEO)

It is spiritual madness that would make a man leave single ladies outside and take his manhood to go have s*x with a married woman. Sadly, you can't help such men until they crash.

A video trending online has emerged of a man caught pants down after pressuring a friend’s wife to have s*x with him. Funny enough, the man has his own wife.

According to the woman, she had warned the husband’s friend several times to desist from bothering her but he refused.

The n*ked man is seen in the video pleading after he was caught and being dealt with. He begged that the matter be settled indoors without making a scandal. 

The man's wife is also heard in Igbo saying; “I told you to leave someone’s wife and face your own but you refused.”


  1. hell yeah! i love how they set him up. you have wife is that not enough instead you still want to eat outside and worse still a married woman and your friends wife..he is being manipulated by witches from a mirror obviously

  2. The guy had been doin dis b4,but the said 99days for de guy one day for de owner nemise has caught him

  3. Hassan Aderemi14 May, 2017 10:25

    At last he met his waterloo.

  4. Oladimeji S.14 May, 2017 12:12

    That is good, God will continue to expose those men that leave their wife and start to disturb other mans wife.

  5. Serz gbege..

  6. Some
    Married women turning into dogs, marriage nawadays na jagajaga.

  7. Send the woman packing, she can kill


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