I Can’t Watch The Video; mother of Chibok girl carrying AK47

Madam Esther Yakubu, mother of Maida Yakubu, the Chibok schoolgirl shown carrying an AK 47 gun in a new Boko Haram video, has said she would not watch the video.

The video is one of the two made available by the terrorists at the weekend where Maida and three other girls said they would not return from the terrorists’ den.

Speaking yesterday in a telephone conversation, Madam Yakubu said she had not seen the video and was not ready to watch it. “I have not seen the video and I don’t intend to see it. I cannot comment on what I have not seen,” the mother said.

It's sure a difficult thing for one to watch her own daughter say she will remain with terrorists.

Also yesterday, Parents of the released 82 girls confirmed that they were being mobilised from Chibok and environs where they live to visit their children in Abuja.

The father of one of the girls, Yama Pogu, said the parents had been meeting in Chibok, getting ready for the journey to Abuja.

He said the parents had no idea if the Federal Government would sponsor their trip to Abuja but were determined to see their daughters.

"We have decided that we are going; we don’t know if they would be paying for our transportation or sending vehicles for us, but we as parents have decided to look for money so that whether they pay for our transportation or not, we can pay our way to Abuja to see our daughters.”


  1. hmmmm..God will bring them back since its not your parents that influenced this on you then God almighty will arrest you from this abnormal life and bring you all back home to your parents and people

  2. Grace Boniface15 May, 2017 08:40

    That's just too bad of this boko harm ...

  3. Good decision ....this very bad ooo

  4. Oladimeji S.15 May, 2017 13:08

    Some of those girls have turn to another thing in the hand of the boko haram.

  5. They have been brain washed, it will only take the grace of God for these people to be liberated

  6. Boko haram is more than a cancer, only God will heal us them.


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