LOL! Female Student Expelled For Sleeping With Teacher's Husband In Delta

A secondary school student, in one of the secondary schools in Delta State, have been expelled for allegedly sleeping with a teacher's husband and her classmate's dad for N500, alongside her friend. It was gathered that the girl, who once accused a corp member of r*pe, was caught with the man by the town's people when he came to pick her up before school was over.

The story as chronicled by a witness:
"An ss2 student was expelled from my ppa this morning. What was her offence? She was sleeping with her teacher's husband, they were both caught by the town's people when he came to pick her up before school was over. 
This student was the same one that accused a corper of r*pe and getting her pregnant just to get money from him, the man she's having an affair with is a grandfather and she's also class mates with his last child I think. She and her friend slept with the man for a fee of #500, I kid you not... Secondary school students are something else now. 
Ever since my stay here in January, I begin to see some girls in a new light, some babes are s*x freaks and have seen first hand the extent they can go for it. Is it buying of gifts, giving of money to the male corpers here all in a bid for them to have s*x?."


  1. Generation of vipers

  2. na wa oh..if she enter university wetin she go do shaa..whag an embarrassment

  3. This is bad. I hope state government do something about this soon

  4. Oladimeji S.21 May, 2017 15:04

    Young girl of her age, going so far in such act. this is wonderful.

  5. Ok nah...

    PAving way for prostitution...

  6. This na normal thing for Warri.
    No be offense.

  7. Yeye child..

  8. Hassan Aderemi21 May, 2017 19:53

    She has started on a bad note, she needed a deliverance.

  9. Delta , no dey carry last
    Their girls are so wayward
    BJ Bonji(NJ)

  10. So the teacher that was caught sleeping with her, was he drugged? Why isn't he being held responsible for sleeping with a minor. Its so unfortunate that Nigeria is a nation of victim blaming. Will the teacher be fired? Or even held accountable? Seeing as he is the adult in the situation? I won't be surprised if he goes Scott free. Its shameless man


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