LOL! Husband Jailed For Aiding 64yrs Old Wife to Have S*x With 3 Dogs

Something that young people should be warned against getting involved in, when you see parents get into same mess, then you know something is wrong.

65-year-old Daniel Galloway, has bagged a 12 months jail sentence after he reportedly admitted to aiding and abetting his wife, Carol Bowditch, 64, to have s*x with three different dogs.

According to Daily Mirror, Carol was given a community sentence last month after a judge heard she had s*x with a dog called Oscar, another named Badger and an Alsatian called Rocky.

Judgement was adjourned on Galloway after he was also caught with over 12,000 indecent images of children as well as 191 extreme images of his wife having s*x with the dogs.

The couple's activities were exposed after military police investigated a member of the RAF in the Lincolnshire area.


  1. Serz gbege..

  2. Things indeed crazy. Even the wife Carol Seemsbthey be out of her senses to do such a thing

  3. This are the people we are competing with

  4. Hmmm...

    Sumtin wey pesin no go hear...

  5. What is this world turning to, Dear God pls do and come abeg, the matter don dey pass be careful

  6. D world is coming to an end

  7. are these ones humans @ all..endtime things


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