Man Beats Another Man’s Wife, Blinds One Of Her Eyes

Lawyer Emeka Ugwuonye shared the chat he had with a witness who claimed to live in the same neighbourhood where the event happened. According to the witness, the woman pictured was allegedly assaulted by one Mr. Kingsley for no reason. 

The witness added that the victim can no longer see with one of her eyes...

I'm just short of words with some happenings these days. Nawao!


  1. Oladimeji S.20 May, 2017 08:05

    The public should rise up agaist this devilish man who raise his hand to beat another mans wife to this stage, sorry for the man because he has no money to fight back, but God will jurge the man accordingly.

  2. how stupid can some people be..he should pay and go to jail for assault

  3. What a brutal beating! Over to you Olu, more details.

  4. ...humam right lawyer where are u

  5. Serz gbege..

  6. When you don't see these things around you, you hardly believe it but when you watch it live you know things dey happen...these are common these because of the hardships in town different transfers of aggression.


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