Man Killed In Abuja For Urinating Near Mosque

Tension is mounting among youths in Jiwa and Gwagwa communities in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) over the killing of a middle-aged man yesterday in Jiwa for urinating near a mosque, located in the community.

According to an eyewitness, the man was passing through one of the streets in the village, and then decided to urinate in a drainage, close to a mosque.

However, just as he was doing that, a man who was sitting at the front of the mosque and watching him, picked a stone and threw at him.

It was gathered that when the man had finished urinating, he picked the same stone and threw it back at the same man.

This action prompted some youths who were at the mosque to descend on the man, whose name was not immediately disclosed, and gave him the beating of his life.

He was said to have fainted and was rushed to a private hospital in Gwagwa village, where he was pronounced dead by doctors in the hospital.

According to Blueprint, it took the intervention of the divisional police officer (DPO), Gwagwa Police Station, and some other prominent persons in the two communities to stop the youth, who wanted to retaliate.


  1. Why is life so easy to take in that part of the country? God have mercy

  2. Grace Boniface27 May, 2017 11:09

    This children of ishmael will never stop killing....

  3. Dude shouldn't have urinated near a mosque. But if na church wey muslim piss, nothing go happen. Muslims enter churches and destroy properties, and nothing happens. Some of these radical muslims should be tamed. We are tired of pretending to want peace when they keep killing people over baseless shit.

  4. na wa o..a simple getaway from their na im cause dis 1,some acheic thinking sha

  5. No need to talk, the are the most dangerous and deadly religion.

  6. Serz gbege..

  7. People are yet to understand this religion. During prophet Mohammed (pbuh) time,a pagan came and was urinating in the mosque b4 prophet and his companions.The companions wanted to harras him but the prophet said to them let the man b. It was after the man finished prophet explained to him that the place is only meant for worship

  8. Why all such negative comment about the religion of Islam. If its really a genuine news its an sad event. But it not suppose be like.this happen during life time of our noble prophet of Islam. Non Muslim urinating beside mosque, and were allowed to finish urinating. Then prophet Muhammed order pour water in to the urine. So as you can see, just may an ignorance to those who attack the young man. But is not Islamic teaching.


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