Married Woman Killed With Her Own Knife While Trying To Murder Her Secret Lover

A misguided married woman who refused to respect her marital vow has died a tragic death while trying to kill her so called boyfriend.

Daily Sun SA reports that, the woman did not like the idea of her lover leaving her to get married. So the jilted married woman from South Africa stabbed the man with a knife.

It is alleged that her plan backfired – after she had stabbed him two times, he wrestled the knife from her and stabbed her dead with it on Thursday.

A member of the woman’s family told Daily Sun: “She was married to her husband for 17 years and they had four kids.

We urged her to stop cheating. She had been cheating with different men for a long time.”

A neighbour claimed that the woman was cheating on her husband while he was at work.

Police spokesperson, Mosili Ntsika said a woman aged between 35 and 40 was stabbed dead. A 36-year-old man went to the police station to seek assistance.

He was arrested. The boyfriend will appear in Bloemfontein Magistrates Court to give details.


  1. Who dig the pit don fall inside

  2. Serz gbege..

  3. Hassan Aderemi15 May, 2017 20:09

    If you do good, there is reward, if you do bad, there is punishment, therefore its better to do good. Whatever you do in hiding will one day come to opened.

  4. Both her and the boyfriend are all proper fools. She was the one that gave room to that cheating, did she think that it's easy to walk away?.

  5. she had it coming..i pray God to forgive her if her atrocities


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