Mercy Aigbe's Estranged Husband Out Of Prison, Threatens To Open Up

It is better for you to go away from a wife or husband who can't do the needful to make life better and for peace to reign in your home. Many are getting married wrongly; either due to manipulation or due to their own greed for a woman's body or for a man's money.

Try not to find yourself in such. It's a mess that destroy people's life and destiny sooner than later.

Lanre Gentry, estranged husband of actress Mercy Aigbe is out of prison after about a week and he said he has a lot to say...

The truth is, he has nothing to say. He married wrongly and should beg God to help him find a true wife, not just a show off. If God is in your marriage, you can't find yourself in such mess.

Anything that makes you, or people close to you, beat your wife like this, something is wrong and you must halt to correct whatever it is. So, work on yourself to regain your peace, Mr. Gentry.


  1. Grace Boniface17 May, 2017 09:48

    Marriage palava....

  2. well said sir Olu..either he works on himself to sed if things can get better or leave her if he has tried all means to make it work and yet no good result..finito

  3. Olaadimeji S.17 May, 2017 10:45

    Good advise for couples.

  4. Well said Mr olu famous, it wasn't a true love, it was based on money n body no tr u e love

  5. Your own problem better do the needful and move on with your life

  6. Mr. man what do you have to say that you have not said, after you said she's having mental illness, keep shut now or expose yourself the more

  7. Hassan Aderemi17 May, 2017 17:56

    Lanre Gentry should be mature in handling this marriage crisis which might be reconciled sooner or later.

  8. He is a shameless old man,who is not matured enough to handle his home. He has nothing to say. Just cover-up.

  9. Hm,no one can tell,let him speak.


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