MTN Nigeria Sacks Over 200 Workers

Mobile telecommunications firm, MTN Nigeria, has sacked about 280 of its workers across its different operational units.

The affected workers left the company on Friday, having embraced the firm’s offer of voluntary disengagement, which was offered to employees who had served for a minimum of five years.

It was further learnt that some of the affected employees had been with the company since its inception in the country in 2001 and that the management felt that their knowledge of the industry had become obsolete.

A source in the company told Punch that “MTN offered a package to workers who have stayed for five years and above a voluntary exit package because it felt that most of them are not able to contribute much to the development of the company going forward.

“If, for instance, you have kids, you can’t compare the knowledge you have about the mobile phone with what they can do about telecoms services; they are more dexterous; so, the company wants to hire younger people who can keep pace with evolving trends in the industry instead of retaining those whose knowledge is limited to what they knew 16 years ago.”

To compensate the workers who opted for voluntary exit and those forced out, it was gathered that the company offered to pay them three weeks’ total wages multiplied by the number of years they had spent in the firm, in addition to the balances in their Retirement Savings Accounts under the Contributory Pension Scheme.

However, this has not gone down well with the majority of the workers, who had expected a generous payout like the firm approved for engineers whose services were transferred to service providers when MTN decided to outsourced some non-core services to other firms.


  1. Rendering people jobless in ds recession..

  2. Na their way na, anyway at all at all na him bad

  3. It's is okay to employ younger people who can keep pace with evolving trends in the industry but the pay off amount is very small

  4. Too bad the labour market has increase

  5. Hmmm at dis time of reccessiön

  6. Hmmm issokay it's business...and business must grow no FAF in it oooo

  7. Recession continues.......

  8. all good and well i suggest they take it nd invest carefully for they dont know what lies ahead in there new adventure,half bread pass nothing


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