Nigerian Drug Smuggler, Onyebuchi, Shot Dead By Indonesia Security Forces

An alleged notorious drug smuggler, Douglas Hope Onyebuchi, aka Kabaka, who was a suspect in a big drug smuggling case in Kelapa, North Jakarta, has been shot dead. He was said to have been killed after resisting arrest last Wednesday.

Jakarta police chief, Insp. Gen. M. Iriawan said Onyebuchi's Indonesian wife, Yani Andriani was arrested as she has been confirmed through their surveillance to be part of the cartel.

On why Onyebuchi was killed, he said, "During his arrest, he fought back and tried to grab one of the officers' guns. Therefore, we had no choice but to take him down."


  1. He is the cause of his death. Am sure if he had grab that gun, he would have shoot the officer.

  2. Who will help this part of our country for God's sake. Everywhere there's pathetic story about Nigeria, it is these people. Maybe we need to sit down and consider this issue of self autonomy critically because I believe they are less concerned about the negative image attached to us. I believe they should be allowed to go. Sincerely speaking, I can not identify their usefulness to the polity.

  3. To bad for him.why must you waste your life.RIP

  4. Though I am not embracing drug dealers and drug dealing in any form, but we shouldn't rush to judgment as to why he was shot instead of arresting him for a formal trial. It's known to history that police always defend their shootings with self defense . May his soul rest in peace.

  5. Just like that...

    Nigerian citizens being killed like fowl and our govt remains calm over that...

  6. he calles for his death..what a disgrace to nigeria


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