Obasanjo's Wife Cries Out: "My Son's Coming Wedding An Occultic Ceremony"

Wife of ex-President, Taiwo Obasanjo has said that the wedding between her son, Olujunwo and Tope Adebutu, daughter of Baba Ijebu, is an occult ceremony which will result in feast of death.

In a statementon Tuesday, Obasanjo said that the May 11 and 13, 2017 chosen by both the Obasanjo and Adebutu family for their children’s wedding was compelled by Satan to lure unsuspecting numerous souls to a banquet of death that would herald in strange holocaust in the country.

Obasanjo who had earlier lost an attempt to use the court to stop the wedding, stated that her plea to family members on the evil consequences of the wedding date and the need to postpone it fell on deaf ears.

She also claimed that her daughter-in-law, Tope and and her mother, Rosemary Dacosta intended to use the wedding to prolong their life and renew their covenant with Satan.

She warned those attending the wedding that immediately after the wedding, there would be strange diseases, multiple road accidents, plane crashes, fire incidents and strange death across the country.

Obasanjo insisted that her son had been bewitched and cast under a spell and that all entreaty to make him see reason why the wedding should be postponed has failed.

She stated that on the day of the wedding, she will led a peaceful protest march at the venue since all her effort to stop the wedding seem to have failed.

” Please I want the whole world to know that I am not mad and I am not against my son’s wedding but the whole truth will be revealed by the almighty God who sees in secret all that is hidden. I have written to the Nigerian Police and the Military Police of my intention to peacefully have a protest as a citizen of Nigeria. Me and my people shall be peacefully singing, dancing and praising God,” she said.

In a separate letter to the Prelate, Methodist Church of Nigeria urging the church to consider rescheduling the wedding, Mrs. Obasanjo said she would continue to pray for the liberation of her son from the spell cast on him.

Source: Eyes of Lagos


  1. Hassan Aderemi03 May, 2017 11:49

    Only God knows what is hidden & manifest, commit everything to prayers not to dwell in fear of unknown.

  2. The needful should be done while they still have the chance, let it not be that when it happen now, they will start calling her a witch

  3. This will be season film

  4. take heed of her warnings because she seems very sure of what she is saying and the results are quite scary if alllwed..God take control oo

  5. Lolz I don't understand this woman oo

  6. How did u know, or u have consulted ur own oracle

  7. Why the stubbornness, it's better to change the wedding date to avert the luming danger

  8. Eleyi gidigan we are waiting to see your predictions.Are you a prophet?

  9. Let the will of the Lord be done

  10. Only God knows. They should see reason in her allegations

    1. The same woman that said she was excluded from the plans is coming to make this kinda allegations, this is what you get when you marry a man that is far from your reach. Yoruba will say' toloko nla ban bani sun, ahi mon igbe re ke'

  11. Serz gbege..


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