Osinbajo Will Not Be Allowed To Replace Buhari - Northern Elders

The Northern Elders Forum has maintained that the North must retain the presidency if Buhari's failing health prevents him from seeking re-election in 2019.

While speaking in an exclusive interview with New Telegraph, the spokesman of Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Professor Ango Abdullahi, disclosed that should President Muhammadu Buhari’s failing health prevents him from seeking re-election in 2019, the North must retain the presidency.

The elder statesman stressed that the region must be allowed to field a presidential candidate through the All Progressives Congress (APC), in 2019 should Buhari fail to seek re-election.

He said in the situation of any eventuality, the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo should be allowed to complete the current tenure but will not be allowed to contest in 2019.

Abdullahi said, “The constitutional provision says that in the event that the president dies in office or becomes incapacitated for one reason or the other and cannot perform the duties of his office, he will be succeeded by the Vice president.

“But no one is in a position to know at what point he is going to recover fully and come back to office, or whether the unexpected could happen. The northern elders insist that Osinbajo cannot replace Buhari in 2019

“If the worst case scenario happens, and Buhari is not back on seat, the constitution is very clear that the vice president takes over.

“And what we then expect is that he will take that tenure to its logical end and from there, the politics of power sharing will take precedence over anything else.

“When the unexpected happens, in 2019 we will be back to our position that the north should be treated equitably and fairly. And we expect that another northern candidate will emerge as presidential candidate on the platform of APC.”

Abdullahi lamented that the north is still marginalized in spite of the fact that Buhari is president. “To be fair and truly honest, I will say that yes, our expectations have been far above what we saw on ground. Meaning that what we were expecting from this government in terms of equity and justice to the north has not materialized up till now,” he said.

According to him, the North is still being cheated in spite of the fact that one of its own is president.

“For example, if you look at both the 2016 and 2017 budgets, if you combine capital and recurrent expenditures for both years, the North took roughly 30 per cent in spite of the fact that everybody knows that even if it’s by one per cent, the north is more populated than the South. Even in terms of landmass, the North constitutes 75 per cent of the landmass of this country,” he pointed out.

The NEF spokesman blamed Buhari for giving key ministries in his administration to southerners.

- Politicians will always play politics.


  1. Hassan Aderemi17 May, 2017 20:58

    Politics is all about permanent interest & by extension is selfish interest of politicians.

  2. this ango abdullahi is talking nonsense! fine if anything happens to buhari osinbanjo will take hold till 2019 but i ask this if buhari and the APC annoint osinbanjo to continue as he has the APC ideaology already applied in the running of the country for continued system what will the so called northern forum elders do? also if a new northern president is brought to replace buhari would this same greedy born to rule idealistic and inexposed northern leaders make it clear that he is to stay one term and leave as buhari has done half i doubt it. as for complaining about more budgets for the souths amd appointments to the south his grey hair then is almost a waste being put on his head..who doesnt know that one of the wrongs that tainted buharis govt is over employment from the northern part of the country..80% of key positions in present nigeria are from the north and they have many big federal projects scattered around the north being worked on and the south treated like they are not nigerians besides it is because of oversubservant attitudes to the british that got you so much expanse of land which upon hundreds of years in existence you are still yet to fill up so dont think people are so foolish to allocate scarce resources to cater for trees and cows you equate to human life because there are better things to develop on..if you want your people to rule as long as you wish they secede from nigeria if not you must learn to share with other parts of nigeria as nigeria has never and will never belong to the north alone..wise up ango

  3. U capped it all Uncle Olu....

    Politicians will always play politics...

    Ah, no! Politricks....

  4. Oladimeji S.17 May, 2017 21:55

    This prof Ango sound funny to me. did he thing that what he is saying is right for him to say at this crucial time.did he want the president to die.This so call northern elders should be careful about what they are saying.

  5. APC presidential candidate is not the assignment of northern elder forum. Is better you settle your internal conflict before coming out to order where APC presidential candidate will come from.This must surely act as if they own Nigeria.

  6. was this ango man not in nigeria when yar'adua died? What happened? jonathan completed the tenue and was after re-elected in 2011 so na only mouth joo!
    No bi first time we dey hear am!

  7. Ooo when Niger delta say they want their oil you say no now what are you talking.

  8. North
    South East
    South South

    These 4 countries need to come out of present Naija.

  9. Rubbish......

  10. Whatever happens will make you know that Nigeria is nobody's property but collectively own. You old fool if the south west vote is deducted from buhari's total vote scored, is that enough to make him president?. You so called northern elders are not behaving rightly, but collectively disunite this country.

  11. This is why Nigeria hardly gets better - we have many idiots saying nonsense! Buhari is not dead yet, an idiot is somewhere talking like he is God. If God says Osinbajo will be there till 2019, and he decides to contest for primaries and wins, shouldn't this idiot talking go and hang himself? I wonder why we have stupid people coming out public to show them over sabi.

  12. No one vote for him among them go house and sleep stop coursing problem to us you support GEJ before but know you came back to us your are not our northern elder you can be in your houses not we

  13. @Nasiru Adoke, I totally agree with him, in the interest of fairness and justice, if anything should happen to Buhari, Osinbajo should complete the term and that's it for him. The North should provide another candidate unopposed and fully supported within the party to contest for one term ending 2023. However if that APC northern candidate loses the election, they can not come back in 2023 to request for that position. It goes to another part of the country.

  14. Prof Ango, you are really professor in Mumu. Your are talking about 2019 election when Nigeria is in state of catastrophe and economic downturn. Just bear it in your mind that ceding power to north has been extincted. Northerners are incapacitated and has failed Nigerians woefully . Buhari's economic policy and manner of his leadership coupled with his political witchhunt is nothing to write home about. Is really regrettably lugubrious that his government has not done anything tangible for Nigerians and instead to liaise with a competent hand and put things in place, he prefers dormancy and sluggish government coupled with cabals whose mission is to create confusion.

  15. I am amazed to hear that this Ango Abdullahi of a man is a professor? How absurd! His utterances and reactions to national issues, which is so reckless, unlearned and uncivil leaves so much to be deserved of an old man like him.

    That Buhari has not disappointed those who predicted that he will be a religious fanatic, showcasing a version of tribalism and hate against the Igbos that leaves all struck with bewilderment is not surprising! What surprised me however, is that the so-called northern elders have continued to shout marginalization even in the most brazen display of sidelining of other ethnic nationalities.
    Buhari has appointed core muslim northerners to fill all strategic and security positions in Nigeria with no igbo man sitting the the security council of Nigeria. President Buhari, whose school certificate is still being question has carried on with so much hate and wickedness against the igbos but no body is talking.
    The northern elders, who have nothing to offer Nigeria, than sponsoring of boko haram, fulani cattle herdsmen and other killing of innocent Nigerians should know that they do not have monopoly of violence.
    The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is clear on prerequisites for contesting the presidency! It is not a northern affair alone. Every constitutionally qualified candidate is eligible to contest.


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