Pastor Omerie: Buhari Will Complete His Term As President

A clergyman, Obinna Omerie, has declared that President Muhammadu Buhari will successfully pilot the affairs of the country till 2019.

Omerie, the founder of Grace and Great Kings Christian Ministry located in Egbu, Owerri North area of Imo, made the declaration while addressing journalists on Saturday.

“God revealed to me as His prophet that Buhari will complete his tenure in 2019.”

He said that those expressing concern over President Buhari’s health are spiritually blindfolded and speaking from revelations backed by satanic sources.

The man of God also said that the economic recession in the country was divinely motivated, saying "Nigeria’s economy will emerge stronger at the end of the recession.

“For children of God this economy is not so much felt now. The situation is fast opening prosperity doors for some cities like Owerri, Port Harcourt, Lagos, and Calabar, because things are positively changing in these cities now.’’

The clergyman derided those predicting that the 2019 elections would not be peaceful, noting that "those saying the election will be bloody are wrong.

"For me, the Lord has not shown me any blood, the election will be peaceful as usual irrespective of all the doomsday prophecies from some altars and pulpits."

The pastor asserted that Nigeria is a nation loved and blessed by God.