PDP Angry Over The Way Chibok Girls Release Happened

The Ahmed Makarfi faction of the opposition PDP has condemned the decision by the government to swap Boko Haram prisoners with some of the abducted Chibok girls.

About 82 of the girls, who were abducted from their school in April 2014, were released Saturday as part of a prisoner swap that saw the release of 5 Boko Haram suspects.

Many rights groups like Amnesty International have commended the move, but PDP faction even though the release of the girls was good, freeing the terror suspects was bad.

The Makarfi faction of PDP in a statement by its spokesperson, Dayo Adeyeye said the suspected terrorists by this release have escaped justice; and “all the efforts made by security agencies to bring them to book has come to nothing”.

The full statement below...

The Release of 82 Chibok Girls: Our Position – PDP faction.The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi, CON, has described the recent release of 82 Chibok girls as a welcome development. The capture and detention of these girls by the Boko Haram terrorists in the last three years had brought extreme pain and suffering not only to their families but to the people of this Country and men and women of goodwill all over the world. What is however of great concern is the price paid to secure the release of the girls. According to reports, the girls were released in exchange for the release of suspected Boko Haram terrorists. If that is the case, we say it’s a heavy price to pay and an unusual one at that.

While we welcome the release of the girls, we do not think that exchanging innocent girls for hardened criminals like the terrorists is the right approach for the following reasons:

1). The suspected terrorists by this release have escaped justice; and all the effort made by security agencies to bring them to book has come to nothing.

2). The release of the terrorists is a setback for the War on insurgency. Their release is tantamount to releasing them to resume their war against society. Many of them could find their ways back to the terrorists camps from where they could unleash terror against the country. Others who are allowed to roam freely in society could become veritable recruiting agents and purveyors of suicide bombing and urban terrorism.

3). The Boko Haram terrorists are emboldened to continue with their tactics of kidnapping innocent people with the belief that they can always use it to blackmail the Government to release their members and to extract other concessions.

4). The piece meal release of the girls means the terrorists want to extract more concessions from the Government which in the end can only prolong the insurgency.

5). The release of the girls will increase the agony and high expectancy of the remaining girls still in custody of the terrorists and their families who will be wondering why they have not been so lucky. It therefore would have been better to ensure the release of all the girls at once.

6). The negotiations are in clear violation and indeed a direct assault on the generally accepted international principle never to negotiate with terrorists. This international principle is sound and logical because negotiation with the terrorists only fuels their urge to continue with their heinous crimes.

7). However, we recognize the concern of President Buhari to ensure the earliest release of the Chibok girls for domestic and international considerations. Equally, we are very concerned about the safe return of the girls to their families at the earliest possible time. But we disagree that negotiating with the terrorists is the right approach to achieving the objective.

8). Meanwhile, we rejoice with the girls and their families and hope that their remaining colleagues will join them in freedom in no distant future.


  1. Is pdd still alive nonsense statement

  2. true points but it is what had to be done..curbing there execess would have been thought of before releasong them

  3. It's a good news that some chibok girls were released. My worry Now is releasing the hardend criminals known as Boko Haram insurgents to keep tormenting the country and probably adopt more children. The suspected terrorists by this release have escaped justice and even can now restrategise for more destruction.

  4. You can't satisfy people, never

  5. Yes... It is not a good move freeing the terrorists them...

  6. Yes releasing the BH commanders was not the best but can you suggest an alternative? I guess no, especially when your daughter is not involved.
    Well-done Presidency, we hope for more.

  7. Pdpig should shut up their mouth these girls were abducted under your watch.How many of them were you able to rescue?

  8. Dere cup of kunu..

  9. I have known for a while that the PDP was useless and today they proven to the world that not only are they useless but inhuman,disgusting,irresponsible.here are my questions to you.
    1. If your daughters were among those kidnapped she I you will ask Govt to hold on to her instead of swapping her.

    2. You claimed international community kicksbagainst negotiations with terrorist.Go to google right now and search for the name captain Bergdal a united state soldier who not only deserted his post & was kidnapped by Taliban terrorists but was released in exchange of hardline commanders who can eat shekau alive make no mistake he was caught where he ought not be.

    3.they were kidnapped during your administration you people could not save even 1 of them rather you used the opportunity to enrich yourselves under the guise of fighting BH whereas you fed fat on blood money.

    4.can you look any of these families and tell them their daughters are not worth the release of BH commanders? The same commanders that were left to grow to what they are today.

    5.Makarfi you are sick in the head for allowing yourself to be ascribedbro such callous statement. If you want to fulfill your row as opposition is very welcome but you should be intelligent enough to know this has cast you in bad light.

    PDP had 5years to act on this challenge but what did you do? You and your cohorts in senate approved loan for Jonathan to fight this evil group only to go from behind to collect your share of blood money. Its just that Nigeria is a banana republic if not you won't have the guts to open your gutter mouths on anything that borders on morality.

    Shame on you and may God never leave your children see what these girls/parents went through due to greed and primitive accumulation of wealth meant for the common good of us all,today you can shameless ly speak on this matter. You are very stupid makarfi but you will answer to God almighty

  10. Oladimeji S.08 May, 2017 19:49

    We human being are so hard to satisfy, we always put politics in everything we are doing.


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