PHOTOS: Lady Caught Stealing In Man's House; Beaten & Stripped... blames it on charm

Some people, any small thing they will strip a lady, they could not even think that it could be true that she's under the influence of charm and needs help to be delivered. Sigh!

This lady was humiliated after she was caught stealing in a guy's house. The beautiful lady who works at Ministry of Agriculture, was taken home by a guy she met three days ago. On getting to the house, she entered his room and stole his money...

She was eventually caught, beaten and stripped. She cried and blamed her act on charm as she said she didn't know what happened to her.


  1. Despite girl, good for her

  2. Serz gbege..

  3. Hassan Aderemi16 May, 2017 18:12

    In this part of the world, our people used to strip caught thieves be it male or female, though she might be under spelt but who will believed her story?

  4. i seriously hate it when a lady is quickly stripped not minding if it was a manipulation or pure intent.us it worth it that shehas to be stripped.nonsense orientation

  5. Olu, if the devil is given the chance to speak, he will definitely complain about Nigerians. How can you say a charm control you to steal. Hmmm...Nigerians super story

  6. This is a set up, she was charmed truly. How can someone working with the ministry of agricultural went so low, I think someone wants to rubbish her.


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