Photos of the mansion I Go Dye built for his mother

Popular comedian I Go Dye has released more pics of the house he built for his mum. He shared the photos via his page, as he advises Nigerians not to give up on their dreams.

He also advised the parents to encourage their children in developing their skills and talents, as not everyone will be a doctor or lawyer. More photos...

According to the comedian, it has always been his dream to build a house for his mum. Nice one!


  1. she deserves this and more bro..you have made a statement and i say congrats to you for achieving this feet and appreciating mummy this way..God go continue to enlarge your purse

  2. Oladimeji S.15 May, 2017 08:27

    Good boy, God will give you long life for taken care of your mother.

  3. Grace Boniface15 May, 2017 08:45

    God bless u i go die for taking care of ur mum....

  4. Hassan Aderemi15 May, 2017 11:14

    May the mother live long to enjoy the fruit of the labour & may your child(ren) do more than this for you in life, as you have put smile on the face of your mother. I pray to God to make it possible for me to build a mansion for my mother too.

  5. Good Son, god will continue to bless your hustle.

  6. Better Pikin, God help me to do the same for my parents

  7. Wow the house is very beautiful God bless you you go dye


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