Police assault Gospel singer Sunny Blu Opukiri for defending a Keke Rider

Gospel artiste Sunny Blu Opukiri has revealed how he was maltreated by policemen who labelled him an armed robber because he spoke against them for allegedly brutalising a Keke rider in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

Read what he shared below:

So I was a victim yet again, a victim of what the society has turned into, a society where people are scared of standing for the truth. To make the story short, it happened yesterday 22/5/17 some minutes to 11am while I was doing my routine business with access bank PLC at Amarata yenagoa...

While waiting for my supply vehicle, I saw a tricycle rider park neatly just after the bank, trying to negotiate with his passenger and give him change, we saw a police van appear, officers came out and entered the tricycle giving the charge that the rider blocked the road leading to the entrance of someone's compound.

lol, it was funny at first because we( I and some other observers at the ATM machine) were wandering how the neatly parked tricycle was blocking the road and if the owner of the driveway told them to stop people from parking close to his driveway, where there was no sign saying no parking, we were just watching and after the tricycle guy refused to come to terms and settle them, the argument escalated and the tricycle rider refused to let them take his Keke away cause his papers were complete and he was parked properly the next thing we saw was a police man using his rifle to hit the rider severally and the rider kept on dodging the gun, at that point I went a bit closer and asked them to stop, telling them that we all saw what happened and the Keke rider didn't do anything to deserve being beat up with a gun...

Immediately I tried to speak out while the gazing crowd was murmuring, the officer that was using his gun wrongly now faced me, held me by my pants and rough-handled me real good dragging me to the van saying he would teach me a lesson for supporting the innocent man, I tried to stand my ground, at that point the murmuring crowd started shouting and refused them taking me in their van, one or two people that identified me as SunnyBLU the gospel artiste came to my rescue and took me out of the hands of the officers and tried to take me to the corner of the bank and the ragging officer followed them, rough-handling me and giving me a hilarious charge of conniving with the rider to rob access bank..

lol hahahahahaha very funny charge, you can imagine how quick it was for him to accuse and convict me at the spot, of robbing a bank when all I was with was a receipt booklet and my keys ... To round up the story, the mob didn't let them take me and they waited for the crowd to clear up so they could carry me away yet again but I entered my delivery truck and escaped the scene taking a shot of the police van with my phone camera while escaping...

However, they took the Keke and the rider away with them, no one knows what has become his story now. So I ask,

When will doing the right thing be easy in our society?

Who will risk the troubles to speak out and be the scape goat?

Why should we keep living in fear? When will the police be our friends for real?

To protect life and property and not to scare our lives with their guns and extort us?

If a bullet accidentally released and someone died, the story would have been he didn't mind his business. But am glad I spoke out, but my voice alone can't be loud enough, join your voices with mine let's make a firm statement till the right authorities do something.


  1. When I see a policeman, I do not totally believe he [or she] has good intentions. A good number of them are not nice, not friendly and are criminally-minded. Even the good they do has strings attached.

  2. Smh for Nigerian police..funny enough they have few good ones but the staunch smell of the bad eggs has overshadowed the little aroma of the good one's. Please I.G we need serious police reform.

  3. Oladimeji S.26 May, 2017 09:28

    Police is not our friend o.if they do bad thing and you talk na problem, and they keep on doing bad things in the community.Police aithority should do something on this execesess of this so called police brutality and abuse of power on innocent citizen.

  4. Lagos cp said all yesterday I wonder why policemen are misbehaving like this

  5. we simply have thugs as uniformed policemen these days,their senior officers should take note of this and reorientate them because they are abusing their name and uniform

  6. The government is very corrupt. How I wish that good measure will be mapped out to curb this excesses and human rights is respected, I think things will augur well with this country.


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