Popular Actresses have s*x with producers for Movie Roles – Seyi Hunter

Up coming Nollywood actress Seyi Hunter has added her voice to dirty acts in the movie industry.

In an exclusive chat with Potpourri, the actress who is gearing up for the 3rd edition of her beauty pageant, disclosed that some popular actresses, out of desperation, offer s*x to movie producers just to get movie roles.

She accused film-makers of sleeping with actresses recklessly. Her words;
“Film makers like ass-licking and I’ve passed that stage of licking asses, so it’s the job I see that I do. You’ll be surprised the rate at which ladies offer their pu-ssy to get roles, and these are known faces! 
Acting isn’t paying my bills or feeding me, someone else would have given up but it’s a hobby for me, something I love and enjoy doing, so I’m not going anywhere...
According to her, actresses sleeping with movie-makers all to secure a role is characteristic of the Nigerian movie industry rather than a bane. For her, offering s*x to a movie producer to get a role is a big deal which she would never subject herself to.


  1. sealed! this is an actress in the field so those denying such acts what have you to say

  2. Hassan Aderemi15 May, 2017 11:02

    Actress? Please give us another story.

  3. So bad why producers so callous?

  4. Story for d gods

  5. Orísírísí..

  6. Old news, what else do you want to add? we have very few saints in the industry

  7. mmmmh.....I should have gone into movie production
    wink wink


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