President Buhari Is Alive; Ignore Rumours About His Death

Special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity, Garba Shehu has asked all Nigerians to pay no attention to the rumours flying in the media about the president's death.

Reacting to the troubling story, he said:
"Baseless rumors are trending again that an unpleasant thing has happened to our beloved President, Muhammadu Buhari. 
If you have received this information on WhatsApp or Facebook, disregard it because it is plain lies spread by vested interests to create panic. 
Nothing unpleasant has happened to the President. No cause for apprehension."


  1. killer nigerians your rumors have failed..buhari is alive and visited his friend the arch bishop of cantburry

  2. Thank Goodness he's alive

  3. This is bad the evil people should desist from it

  4. All these shall definitely pass


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