Prophet Changes Hotel Cleaner's Life, Gives Him N1million

Nigerian Prophet Andrew Ejimadu [aka Seer 1] gave a cleaner he met in a hotel N1m to transform his life after he received a prophecy. The guy is a graduate but no job, he became a cleaner.

Read how he chronicled the incident below:


  1. wow..thank you sir for wiping sorrows of his heart,God empower you and continue to bless you to do more and more..A VERY BIG AMEN

  2. Hassan Aderemi03 May, 2017 13:29

    God bless you Prophet Andrew for the kindness, we congratulate & wish the then cleaner now a millionaire success in his future endeavours.

  3. Nice one, things we do for Camera though

  4. God has visited and reward his hustle thought the prophet. Lucky You.

  5. Why not allow the guy to share the testimony??????? What happened to the Biblical instruction on giving if you go public after giving?????? Well who am I if u are carrying out God's instructions........ just thinking a loud

  6. See 9ja pple as dem dey shout Amen...

    All is well...


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