Release Ifeanyi Ubah Or Face Our Wrath; IPOB dares DSS

The Indigenous People of Biafra has condemned the continued detention of the Chairman and CEO of Capital Oil and Gas, Ifeanyi Ubah, saying should anything happen to him those keeping him in detention should be prepared to face the wrath of the group.

IPOB said, “We want the DSS to know that an attack on Ifeanyi Ubah is an attack on Biafra; the DSS should know that we are watching on this matter and must continue following it until it gets to its logical conclusion”.

The claimed that the arrest of Ubah was part of the plots to frustrate Igbo businessmen.

In a press statement issued by IPOB’s media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, the group claimed its intelligence unit had uncovered a grand plot to kill businesses in Igboland.

It said such actions were indicative that the people of the area were no longer needed in Nigeria.

The group wondered why a court of competent jurisdiction would order the release of Ubah yet the Department of State Services would continue to hold him.

The statement read in part, “We have been informed by IPOB intelligence unit that this Ifeanyi Uba arrest by the DSS was the perfection of hard economic policies against our people and strangulation of Igbo businessmen in Nigeria.

“The ground plan to stop every business controlling by our people in Nigeria is eating deep in Nigeria economy because our people are the major businessmen in Nigeria today.

“Arresting Dr. Ifeanyi Uba because of his legitimate business proves to all and sundry that we are no more needed in the contraption called Nigeria.

“In line with this, we warn that Ifeanyi Uba should be released before it is too late or they will see the power of IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu all over the world; we cannot afford to watch them continue to humiliate and intimate him for no just cause.”


  1. That's why the country is having problems and the so call IPOB fighting for the thief.will continue lamenting.

  2. Look at these people, when ll' this Igbo's dullness come to an end?, did any Hausa socio cultural org. from the north demand for the release of corrupt Sambo Dasuki like you are doing now? threating DSS to release Ifeanyi thief.

  3. he should be released as ordered by the court if we say we have law abiding agencies in nigeria but as for their alleged claims i take it with a pinch of salt cuz IPOB are just lying against the nation to cause it to break

  4. Why not take him to court rather than subject him to aweful treatment.

  5. We are talking of fraud here and not ethnicity. Please allow these people to go. They will end up killing themselves. Arrogant set of people.

  6. He should sort things out with DSS

  7. Enter your comment...some igbos are so senceless, dey dont even no wat dey want, anyways most of dem are illiterate.

  8. Oladimeji S.27 May, 2017 17:31

    Issokay o.

  9. Many of the Igbo's use there Anus to think instead of there Head, has he ever invested any money he looted in the so-called Igbo land...i dnt know why u Igbo's like celebrating criminals

  10. Yeye ipos or whatever they called themselves


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